Path to Recovery: Top Online Resources and Communities for Marijuana Addiction Support

Path to Recovery: Top Online Resources and Communities for Marijuana Addiction Support

Overcoming marijuana addiction can feel like a solitary journey, but it doesn't have to be. The internet offers a wealth of resources and communities that provide support, advice, and camaraderie to individuals seeking to reduce or quit their marijuana use. From dedicated forums to informative websites, these online spaces can help guide you through the challenges of addiction and recovery. This post highlights some of the best online resources and communities available for those dealing with marijuana addiction.

1. Reddit Communities

Reddit hosts several communities where individuals can share experiences, success stories, and challenges related to quitting marijuana. These subreddits offer a sense of belonging and understanding that can be crucial during recovery.

  • r/leaves: Perhaps the most well-known subreddit for those looking to quit marijuana, r/leaves is a supportive community with over 300,000 members. It's a place for people who have decided to quit cannabis and need advice or support to stick to their decision.
  • r/Petioles: For those who aren't looking to quit completely but want to moderate their use, r/Petioles offers support and strategies for reducing consumption.

2. Online Support Groups and Forums

  • Marijuana Anonymous (MA): Modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous offers online meetings and forums for those who wish to live life free from marijuana. Their website provides resources including a meeting finder, literature, and a newsletter.
  • SMART Recovery: SMART Recovery offers a science-based approach to addiction recovery, which includes support for marijuana addiction. Their website features an online community, online meetings, a toolbox of recovery resources, and a blog.

3. Educational Websites

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): NIDA provides research-based information on marijuana, including its effects on the brain, the nature of marijuana use disorder, and treatment approaches.
  • Run by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, this site offers tools for understanding and navigating addiction, including marijuana. It provides resources for both individuals and families navigating the challenges of addiction.

4. Apps for Recovery

  • Quit Weed: This app offers a structured path to quitting marijuana, featuring a timeline of health recovery, tips for managing withdrawal symptoms, and tracking progress.
  • Sober Grid: While not exclusively for marijuana addiction, Sober Grid is a social network for people in recovery from all types of addiction. It offers peer support and professional coaching.

5. Blogs and Articles

  • The Recovery Village: An excellent resource for comprehensive articles about marijuana use and cessation. The Recovery Village covers topics from health-related issues due to marijuana to tips for quitting.
  • Leafly: Known for its cannabis news and information, Leafly also provides insightful articles on cannabis science, including the impact of long-term use and how to approach cessation.


The journey to recovery from marijuana addiction is unique for each individual, but no one has to walk it alone. Online communities and resources can provide crucial support, education, and encouragement to help you along the way. Whether you prefer the anonymity of forums, the structured support of recovery programs, or the convenience of mobile apps, there's a tool out there that can align with your needs and help pave your path to recovery.

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